About Storybook Cosmetics

Once upon a time there were three sisters who never stopped believing in fairy tales…

Ever since identical triplets Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard were born something magical has always been part of their story. From a brief blip singing on American Idol as teenagers, to each launching their own successful online business- they are more than a triple threat. “As fangirls of all things sparkly, magical and mystical it was the logical next step to crossover our businesses into cosmetics,” said Mandy Maynard. “It’s a passion project that my sisters and I have been working on for a few years!” The passion project, Storybook Cosmetics™ went viral in October of 2016 and has the masses (and media) chomping at the bit for their magic wand-shaped makeup brushes and storybook inspired makeup. Their Wizard Wand brushes sold out immediately leaving fans wanting more.

“We're busy creating a full-line of products at Storybook Cosmetics™ including exclusive eye-shadow palettes that come in hardcover books, liquid eyeliners, lipsticks and makeup brushes all inspired by our favorite stories,” said Missy Maynard. “We are really proud to offer a mix of both licensed collabs and products that are our own unique, original creations, inspired by all the magical stories we grew up with and loved,” said Erin Maynard. “We want to thank everyone for their patience as we perfect each product! We promise it will be worth the wait!”

You can follow the Triplets online at:
@Storybook.Erin, @Storybook.Mandy and, @Storybook.Missy.